First Meeting For The Undergrounding Commission

03 Aug

Today in room 100 of the statehouse in Concord, the first meeting for the commission to study the feasibility of creating an underground energy corridor through the state of New Hampshire got underway at 10:00 am. The meeting was for organizational purposes only to set future goals and guidelines.

The ultimate future goal: put the Northern Pass and other large scale high voltage transmission projects underground, along already softened roadways and railroad beds that connect throughout the state. It is my understanding that the commission would eventually write binding laws to enforce the burial of future high voltage transmission projects, along the established energy corridor. Projects that may want to bring more energy through New Hampshire and into the southern regions of New England. The bonus for the state is much needed revenue in the form of rent that would help to build and maintain infrastructure within the state. The bonus for the people: no towers, no loss of property value, no health effects from EMF radiation when the lines are buried, no scenic blight.

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