Petition to Hydro-Quebec

28 May

We are asking all of you to make copies and get as many signers as you possibly can. We plan to present them to the HQ CEO, Vandal and to Premiere Charest of the Quebec Provence. To lighten the load and get the greatest number of signatures please find others in your community to help you. We would like to get this done by the middle of July. When you have all the signatures you can gather please send them on to the NNPC at the address on the bottom of the petition.

The legislature is now working on studies aimed at the feasibility of identifying public right of way corridors down which all high voltage lines must be buried. If that legislation is considered in the full house and senate we are told that the chances of its passage are good. With our help and support the legislature could end the NP threat permanently. So, let’s stay focused and positive. We have done well so far but we must not slack off now. With continued, determined effort and plenty of imagination we can win this fight.

Thanks for all you do,

Pete Martin



We, the undersigned, declare that the Northern Pass Transmission Line project affronts the scenic beauty, heritage, pride, and economy of the State of New Hampshire, and that this project, as proposed, must be removed from consideration immediately.

This project would harm the environment of New Hampshire: it would destroy thousands of acres of our forestland, an invaluable “trap” for carbon dioxide. The proposed 180 miles of high voltage power lines through some of the most picturesque villages and tourism-dependent areas of New Hampshire as well as the White Mountain National Forest would be a devastating blow to our state’s image as a visitor destination. The very essence of our state would be irreparably damaged, altering forever our New England identity. And the proposed new power line would substantially lower property values and town tax revenues. We reject and condemn any project that would turn our valued landscape into an industrial power corridor and threaten our economic well being.

Northern Pass does not meet Hydro Quebec’s own criteria for project development. Hydro-Quebec’s own policy states that projects must not only be environmentally acceptable but favorably received by host communities. Thirty-one towns along the proposed route have passed resolutions in opposition to the project, a number of towns have passed constitutionally-based ordinances that prohibit the project, and seven environmental organizations have publicly stated their objections to the project. We demand that the project as proposed be withdrawn immediately.











New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” State
No Northern Pass Coalition, P.O. Box 891, Plymouth, NH 03264

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