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28 May

Time for putting signs up! We had a message from one of our Opposition Friends that there are now signs available again for those who want to have Stop NP signs. Some of your signs may have blown down or been vandalized and a few more would be great as well to give to friends, family and neighbors.

The cost is still $5. Please contact Pam Charon in Plymouth who will work with you to get them where you want them to go. Her number is 968-7353.

May 21, Monday, Seeking the Current showing in Colebrook at the Tillotson Center starting at 7:00 pm.

May 24, Thursday, at 7:30: Seeking the Current will screen at the Colonial Theater, Bethlehem. Save the date!

July 28th, Presby Environmental Fair and Open House, an opportunity to reach out to visitors and community members in the Whitefield area. 10 to 3. Anyone who would like more information or who would like to be a vendor at the Environmental or Artisans’ Craft Fairs should contact Lee Rashkin at 837-3826 or 1-800-473-5298, or by email at

Saturday, September 1, 2012 from 3-3:30, HANDS ACROSS NEW HAMPSHIRE. Join thousands of people across the state to join hands in peaceful, nonviolent, family friendly event opposing Northern Pass. Please contact to participate in this action. For more information visit or twitter @handsacrossnh

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