Jeff Woodburn will run for NH State Senate in District One

11 May

Since we are careful to not to be partisan on political issues in respect for our diversity we want to point out, as we always have, that our policy is to let our readers know what candidates for office in NH or on the federal level are opposed to Northern Pass. Jeff Woodburn has decided to run on the Democratic ticket for NH State Senate in District One and he has contacted us to state that he opposes Northern Pass. As soon as we hear from others running for that office we will let you know. Meanwhile, this is what Mr. Woodburn wrote:

I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to run for State Senator. For the past few years, I’ve watched the important issues unfold as a newspaper reporter, but the critical issues and opportunities compel me to run — and return to the political arena.

My writing and life have been about exploring the wonders of rural life. The North Country is a fascinating place – full of harsh contradictions and kind people –all drawn and held to this seemingly inhospitable spot for many different reasons – but none having to do with money. Trying to untie the knot of this question kept me busy and happy.

But the pull of politics is strong – and the divide between rural and suburban New Hampshire is widening. Power is shifting southward; our influence is diminishing. It is important that we have a leader who will be a passionate, articulate voice for rural values and culture.

The way government is carried out in the North Country is different – smaller, more personal and less partisan. No matter the issue – whether it be promoting economic development, protecting our environment, managing our wildlife and recreation resources, delivering education, human and other services, or negotiating the web of government regulations – it is all done differently in the North Country. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work and that permanent change comes from the bottom up, not the top down.

Nowhere is this issue more pronounced than in the effort to prevent the Northern Pass transmission lines from scaring our landscape, denigrating culture and stymieing our untapped potential.

Yet, in spite of the challenges, there is rising optimism in the region and a heightened realization of what unites and ultimately defines this region. I think we’re recapturing the ethos that once drew our southern neighbors to look north for inspiration, reflection and peace, but it is easy for our voice to be lost. I want to be that voice and ensure that our government hears our concerns and respects our culture.

With regards,

Jeff Woodburn

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