Senate Bill 361

19 Apr

We received the following message from Representative Larry Rappaport regarding NH Senate Bill 361 and think you might want to learn more about it and support it as it makes it’s way through the full Senate and House.


Another milestone. Senator Forrester’s bill, SB361, was passed out of the Science, Technology, and Energy committee yesterday with a full, unanimous recommendation. Our chairman, Jim Garrity, added an amendment which basically has the commission study the feasibility of ALL utilities and study the use of NH rights of ways (basically highways) for the above ground structures or below ground burial.

The bill must go to the full House where the bill and the amendment will be voted on separately.

Assuming both the amendment and bill are approved, the Senate must acquiesce to the minor changes.

Assuming the Senate does, the bill then goes to the Governor for signature, passage without signature, or veto.

My assumption is that the bill will become law.

I have written to the Speaker requesting I be on the commission. Our Chairman has recommended me along with himself. If I am placed on the Commission, I will advocate for burial only.

Personally, I like the idea of burial and like the idea of using medians in major highways. I prefer 93, 101, 89 but am completely open to other routes.

I have essentially three areas of concern assuming HVDC lite burial:

1. Assuming Interstate 93 is designated a corridor, it does not go to Canada. The gas pipeline already uses the railroad right of way and gas and HVDC cannot be place near each other under federal rules.
2. What should be done about Franconia Notch? It is arguably the most beautiful place in the State, but 93 goes through it and there is no median for much of it.
3. There are areas of 93 without median strips (for example, Concord),

Please be thinking about this and call or write me with suggestions. If the Speaker does not place me on the Commission, I will forward your ideas.

Larry Rappaport
NH State Representative
Coos District One
(603) 237-4429

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