An Opinion from the Atta Girls

19 Apr

Isn’t it amazing the power companies are trying to ram ‘smart meters’ down our throats? Allegedly it is to ‘help us’ save money…hmmmmm.

No one seems to mention the fact that ‘smart meters’ will cost many people their jobs. (shhhhhhhhhhhhh) Funny but, it seems that the power companies, not only want to ‘monitor’ us in our homes, but they would save a lot of money by firing hundreds of workers from secure, long term employment. The really funny part is that, although the power companies will save money, the savings do not get passed along to us, the rate payers. Not only that but we are threatened with an INCREASE if they have to send a ‘meter reader’ to our homes.

So far, our posted ‘NO SMART METER’ notice on our pole has been respected. Today, a meter reader came by, yes, an actual human, and read the meter. For a moment, it felt good to know that someone still has a job in this recession.

Atta Girls

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