Opportunity to Spread Opposition to Northern Pass

02 Apr

NH Tea Party Coalition Gathering April 15th

New Hampshire Tea Party Collation has secured the permit for April 15th, 2012 for Victory Park, Manchester NH from 2PM – 5PM admission free.

Groups may bring their own tables and canopies in order to hawk their materials, for donations only, no selling.

We’ll have a colorful flyer ready in a few days that you can download from the website to send to your members.

For Attendees:

You might remind your members when you notify them about this event:

– Bring homemade signs (suggested issues: health mandates, high taxes, NDAA/Patriot Act, IRS abuses, Federal Reserve legality, debt ceiling, banker bailouts, foreign aid, out of the UN, deficits, spying, 6 new wars undeclared, food-property-water-education and medical rights,etc) You can Google/Images these issues to find signs to print.
– There is a parking garage across the street from the park and next to it as well
– There will be no bathroom facilities on the premises
– Please bring chairs or blankets, to prevent standing around the speakers’ area and blocking the view of others

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