Letter to Mike McQuaid regarding comments on RBO’s

02 Apr

Dear Editor:

This is in response to Mr. McQuaid recent speech in Whitefield in which he refers to “so called” rights based ordinances. Did you even read these rights based ordinances, Mr. McQuaid? If you had read and understood what you read, you would have seen these ordinances did not mention Northern Pass. These ordinances, which by the way were passed in three towns, were entitled “Right to a Sustainable Energy Future and Community Self-Government Ordinance.” The towns that passed these ordinances are simply asking for a seat at the table when energy projects are slated to come through their towns. In other words, democracy. As it stands now in the regulatory system, the people have no rights when an energy project gets its permits. With these ordinances in place, a town and the town’s people have the right to decide for themselves what their town will accept and have the ability to protect their property and environment. And this is a concept you oppose? Our Founding Father’s vision of a functional democracy is being subverted by giving corporations more rights than citizens. Hatred of individual rights is the definition of tyranny.

Pamela Martin

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