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02 Apr

It seems that the Thornton police took umbrage at a No Northern Pass sign posted at the town dump and the posters were ordered to remove it. Well, you just can’t keep a good sign down. Thornton landowners offered a location for two signs out of harm’s way. You can’t miss ’em — they’re on the only way to the town dump.

Downstate, the Seacoast Republican Women (SRW) wanted to have a panel on Northern Pass for their April 18th meeting in Portsmouth. SRW got tentative agreement from Mike Skelton, PSNH PR guy, and Anne Bartosewicz, NU’s NP project manager. But, SRW’s idea was to have two representatives from PSNH/NP/NU and two from the opposition. Kinda like a debate. Oops…. When they told Mike and Anne that and that one opposition member on the panel would be a certain somebody who’s been down in Concord lately raising eyebrows about how underfunded Commish Harrington’s pension from NU is and related matters, they pulled out. Mike has to change the oil in his car that day, and Anne forgot that she has a lunch date with an old friend. However, they are available for members-only Rotary Club meetings in unannounced locations.

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