Thoughts on Governor Lynch signing HB648

13 Mar

Well it sure took a long time but we thank Governor Lynch for signing HB648. It was the right thing to do. We certainly urge everyone to send a thank you to the Governor and the sponsoring legislators for hanging in there with us. We’re proud of our “citizen legislators” in the house who understand landowner rights and the meaning of the US and NH Constitutions around eminent domain.

We suspect that this wasn’t an easy decision on the Governor’s part.

Let’s celebrate for a couple of days the hard work that so many of you put into getting HB648 passed and the labyrinth it had to go through. At this point we should realize that the political process can and usually is messy and let those who opposed HB648, not off the hook, we remember who is with us, but recognize that none of this should be personal.

Now we need to think through not only what HB648 does, but what it doesn’t do.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop Northern Pass. We guess if NP has enough money they can try to buy up all the real estate they want to. But then again, there are quite a few wonderful landowners who are the true heroes and heroines and won’t sell at any price. They are our first line of defense but they still need our support and willingness to fight on. We will continue to back them and provide the second, third, fourth and endless if needed lines to stop Northern Pass.

It’s not over, but let’s take a rest for a day or two. We’ve earned it.

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