Northern Pass, Real Estate and Dissembling

20 Feb

We received a message from a Northern Pass Opposition Friend, Darlene, who wanted to pass on some information she learned. Notice the lies and distortions from Northern Pass and the threat of higher towers which has become their modus operandi. Landowners in the way of NP – take heart. We all know their bully tactics, tricks and gimmicks and that we have heard it all. There are 1000’s of people with you AND we have only begun to fight! Note the braggadocio about Coos County.

I had a woman make an offer on a house recently. She said that she had been looking for real estate on line and wondered why she could buy real estate so low in Thornton compared to almost anywhere else. She said she then went on line to find out if there was a reason for that and found out about the Northern Pass.

She called them (Northern Pass) and their representative told her that it was a done deal. That they would be able to do this without any approvals from anyone as they are staying completely within their right of ways but will just increase the height of the towers… She said they told her the towers might have to be 150 feet high. That people could choose to give them wider right of ways to have shorter towers but they could not stop them from using their right of ways. And they were going to do what they needed to and if that means higher towers well that would be what it is. That they had almost all of the 40 miles up north that they needed. (Not true.) That the opposition could say all they want but it was going to happen like it or not.

She was using this as a negotiating tactic to get a lower price on a house that was 2+ miles from the proposed area and said that she would not touch a closer property with a ten foot pole but that everyone that owns in the area needed to know that all property in the area is going to be depressed (it already is). That it was clear that it was already seriously affecting real estate values which were going to go down much further.

In fact this woman was not looking at it correctly. All the properties that she was citing had another reason for being lower cost, they were either mobile homes or in _________ (which has double taxes and therefore even really nice newer homes do not bring anywhere near the values that in the same towns outside the estates). It was disconcerting what she said the Northern Pass Rep said. It is bad enough that we need to live under the threat of the possibility of them succeeding but that they are flaunting it to prospective buyers and depressing the market further in their hope to buy property cheaper.


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