Hands Across New Hampshire

15 Feb

Remember Hands Across America? Back in 1986, six million people stood hand in hand across the expanse of the United States to fight homelessness, poverty, and hunger.

OccupyNH has proposed “Hands Across New Hampshire” as a way to bring local, national, and international attention to Northern Pass and as a way to protest profits for private corporations who want to use our lands for their express purposes.

The idea is to have people join hands from the entry point to the US in Pittsburg to the end point in Deerfield. Map (PDF) for one day in the summer.

If you are interested in participating in the planning process, please contact n1obium (at) yahoo (dot) com with “Hands Across NH” in the subject line. If no one steps forward to assist in the planning, the project will die.

Join the Facebook group.

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