Feedback on Senate Bill 264

09 Feb

We received a clear and strong comment on Senate Bill 264 which Update sent out yesterday. We’re glad that what we say in it was confirmed in this comment from an opposition friend.

(Thanks to our opposition friend who brought this bill to our attention.) You are absolutely right about SB 264 proposed by Senator Odell. It is a goodie bag filled with delights for Northern Pass and other energy project proponents. It is just the opposite of what we should be doing. That bill must not only be watched; it must receive an overwhelming negative response from the NP opposition and every other citizen in this state who values their ability to participate in earth shaking energy developments. It removes or diminishes all input from historical and cultural interests; and it downgrades the participation of environmental and natural resource interests. Moreover, it reduces the time frame for hearings and decision-making, virtually eliminating the ability of the public to have input. It elevates corporate regulatory capture to new heights at the expense of our democracy. It even removes the public counsel from participation in requesting studies and investigations. We must kill this bill.

The NH bill status page indicates that it is before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and that no public hearings have been scheduled.

In case you don’t have it, here is the membership of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee:

Senator Odell (R- District 8): Chairman
Senator Gallus (R- District 1): Vice Chairman
Senator Bradley (R- District 3)
Senator Lambert (R-District 13)
Senator Merrill (D-District 21)

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