HB648 won’t deter Northern Pass!

01 Feb

As most of us suspected Northern Pass and its handlers are used to challenges (you may want to take a look at those local Rights Based Ordinances which cut them off at the knees if enough towns join in). They have already started moving up the chain to the federal level. As you know, the federal government has final say on any “commerce issue”. Money, greed and corporate chroni-ism continues to show its ugly head. We have started to get comments laying out Northern Passes NEXT approach. They will now work to get FERC and the North Eastern Grid to change definitions and chazzan they can pull a big hydro project out of their hats.

Sorry we hate to be wet rags on this but there is more to come. We have only started to fight.

Here’s what we’ve received to give you a glimpse at Northern Pass next steps. If we are misinterpreting this then help us clarify our thinking. We’ve only been doing this a bit over a year and the learning curve is pretty steep.

Comments received from Northern Pass Opposition Friends:

The Associated Press reported Monday that federal energy officials have ordered regional regulators to broaden what qualifies as a “necessary” energy project.

While current regulatory rules require a project to be necessary “to keep the lights on” to qualify as a public project, pending rule changes are expected to make it easier for renewable energy projects, like Northern Pass, to also qualify as a “necessary” public project.

Rather than focus just on “reliability” – whether energy projects would keep power flowing when demand is high – federal authorities are requiring grid managers to also consider projects that meet public policy goals, such as increasing renewable power use.

Murray said yesterday he believes Northern Pass will meet those public policy goals.

“Our understanding is that this (new federal energy) policy hasn’t been determined yet, and we look forward to working with federal and regional regulators on development of a policy that fully considers projects like Northern Pass,” Murray wrote. “And we are confident that given the reliability, low cost and environmental benefits that this project provides, we will be able to develop a (plan) that is conducive to the development of the project.”

Murray said he could not be more specific until the new energy regulatory rules are written.

That’s never stopped him before.

And another comment:

They don’t beat us with the current rules? Just change the rules! As you are well aware, and the spaghetti map shows some but not all of the potential damage, if all of the wind farms are built and we don’t have control of the lines, we can expect connector high voltage overhead corridors all over the landscape in the North Country in addition to all of the trunk lines coming out of Canada.

It is time that we (NH) made the rules and the corporations are forced to abide by them. Well thought out legislation could be a template for the rest of the nation, saving us and other vigilant states from the savage devastation I have seen in the, PA, NJ, and Virginia area, and all over the Pacific North West. I’m certain those are not the only places being trashed by these pirates and certainly won’t be the last unless we change the game. (Info note – this is not our language. We are just reporting what we received.)

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