Northern Pass and Morton’s Fork

26 Nov

Northern Pass unveiled Issue 1 of its new Landowner Newsletter (November 2011) yesterday (November 21) on its website. It is buried deeply; you may find it here. There is much to comment upon in it, much to expose as false or misleading, but this blog focuses only upon the “Expansion as an Option” column on page 2. We call the option a Morton’s Fork, an apparent choice that in fact is no choice at all, hence ethically or morally corrupt. (Morton was Henry VIII’s tax collector; he figured out a cynical way to get more money out of Henry’s subjects whether they appeared to be rich or poor.) It’s the choice between giving up your left leg or your right arm. In contemporary culture, the film “Sophie’s Choice” offers the best known example: the two options offered the protagonist are equally tragic and morally heinous.

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