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19 Nov

I thought you would want to know that we had an impressive turnout for Dr McLaren’s presentation on the 15th. At least 50 people attended. Channel 2 (public access TV) from Littleton was there to record them. It will be aired at some time soon this week. To get to the site and see the recording go to Go to the video section and look for the date: November 15. I also plan on buying a copy of the DVD to use

Dr. McLaren is so well versed in all aspects of this proposed Northern Pass project, and his Power Point is very informative. We had several people attending from out of town including a couple from Lincoln.

I also presented a petitioned warrant article to the Littleton Board of Selectmen Monday night (Monday, November 14th) and I think it was well received. The Littleton Courier wanted a copy of the article. The article states that Littleton is opposed to the Northern Pass Project and is similar to the one passed last year by 31 other NH towns and were modeled after the Easton one passed at that time.

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