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19 Nov

Hello friends,

Based on new information regarding the financial disaster about to face PSNH as well as Hydro-Quebec if this project is not built, I think we will not have to worry about it ever being buried. They simply cannot afford it and may not be able to arrange financing for it. Yes, of course, based on the potential of profit from the sale of the power it may make business sense. But where is the financing coming from? The Province of Quebec is in financial trouble and their ‘cash cow’ is Hydro-Quebec who is in trouble, as well. They have had to shut down some of their generating capacity due to lack of demand. PSNH is depending on the rent from the ROW to bail them out so they certainly cannot contribute to its construction.

We also know that the wind movement is upon us and transmission lines will be haunting us there as well. It is a heavily subsidized form of re-newable energy and one has to wonder if it would be under construction at its current pace without these subsidies. One of the greatest fallacies to the Northern Pass proposal is that it will not be a shared line. They want to share ROWs with wind energy but will not transmit the energy. That makes no sense at all.

In my opinion, there are only two ways to permanently protect us from having most of New England being ‘fenced’ with transmission towers. One is conservation. We know that demand is somewhat stagnant, at the moment, in many areas. The other will be small scale solar. One way to reach a thousand voters is for those thousand voters to be partially ‘ off the grid’ with a home-owner size solar facility. It is not impossible and not much more expensive than a new car. As far as I know, the sun is a nearly endless resource, when it is shining. There is less potential for large corporations, that don’t like change, to capitalize on solar. It might be the cleanest answer we have at our disposal.

From Opposition Friend Glenn:

Mullen makes some great points. He’s already bleeding. I feel bad that he is a hostage to this project. Although some of us will not be geographically impacted we recognize that this is still a bad deal for the State and the region. We should be creating energy and distributing it locally not letting it transmit through us. The State has no energy plan. We remain a sitting duck to projects like this. What’s the difference between importing oil and importing electricity, not much. Both create a dependency and a future price gouge.

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