Call to March in NYC on November 25 with other OWS groups

19 Nov

We just received this from our Northern Pass Opposition friends at Live Free or Fry. They are looking for people who are interested in marching against Northern Pass in New York City on November 25th. Please respond directly to Rick Johnsen with questions, comments or commitments. See attached the proposal to OWS that Rick Johnsen has submitted to the OWS NYC group.

We need to organize a march on the streets of NYC against “THE NORTHERN PASS”?

Two corporate giants: NStar and NE Utilities have joined forces with Hydro-Quebec to build a mega HVDC power Line corridor through NH including the White Mountains. It must be stopped. 99% of NH is opposed…all elected officials have taken big $$ from the utility companies and the corporations have hired an army of lobbyists to push the utility’s agenda. We need the get this into the national limelight / attention.

I’m sure you have many other things at hand that must be attended to today, but I need to connect with someone about a march against “The Northern Pass” TODAY. (A HVDC, 1200Mw, electric corridor through pristine NH wilderness down to points south: Mass and Conn)

Things are developing on my end (Coos County) but WE need to act fast so I can get this out through our info-network. I’m thinking / planning on sending you a flyer and web link(s) and whatever you want, and be at Liberty Plaza on the 23rd to talk with the people to possibly rally support for a Rally and March against Northern Pass on Friday, Nov 25th. The weather forecast looks favorable for Friday.

It’s short notice but this is the only window of opportunity at this time…there is no time like the present…the powers that be are making some big decisions on the local level and this march against this Northern Pass would be great boost for the opposition, that’s 99% of informed NH citizens, and raise awareness of this project. The big corporations have been trying to keep it quiet, the people have been sounding the alarm and trying to stop it.

You are my only point of contact at this point and I need you to please respond at your earliest convenience. supports the OWS movement, we are fighting the same causes: corporate greed and abuse of the people’s rights. We’ve been at this 24/7 for the past year. Many groups have formed in NH to fight this and I will alert them all of the rally and march if we can work this out asap.

The march to ”Stop The Northern Pass” could get us the attention of the national press that we need, and if it happens on Friday the 25th it would be timed with the release of the Nov-Dec issue of Yankee Magazine’s multi-page article about this controversial HVDC Power Line project: titled ”Battle Lines” , pitting big business against private land owners / NH citizens.

Any feedback appreciated.

What to talk, that would be great, zap me a number.

Rick Johnsen

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