No Bury and Promote Conservation Opinions need to be expressed more

16 Nov

“When are you going to run a consistent section of this newsletter on conservation and energy tips so that we can obviate the need for the new energy contracts/inputs right out of the gate?” asked a Northern Pass Opposition Friend

“Who is Jamie White? Here again is a presentation on your site suggesting that burying the line would make it okay. The suggestion also includes a recommendation that Hydro-Quebec drop PSNH so Hydro-Quebec could pursue a course more acceptable to landowners. Who does this guy work for? Is the strategy of Northern Pass to threaten with tall transmission lines, and eminent domain and then fall back to a reasonable position of burying the line while being somehow respectful of landowner rights, with eminent domain still on the table? Hope this does not offend you (NO IT DOESN’T OFFEND US) but including this type of presentation as a steady diet to those of us threatened with eminent domain is not wise from my perspective. Jamie White and anyone else needs to know; no Pass, no use of eminent domain, above ground, below ground, underwater or anywhere in NH. Isn’t it time we say it directly, simply and with some passion.

And with regard to corporations being a person, I would say that’s fine as soon as I see one serving time in prison.”

From Another Opposition Friend. Got a slew of these and similar emails on this very topic. Many, many people do not want the line buried. They just don’t want the line.

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