Martin Muddy and Laura Annoy

16 Nov

Martin Muddy and Laura Annoy

didn’t take long for our Orange Comic Relief anonymous creator to comment on NHPR’s Exchange Program on Thursday that had Martin Murray (spokesperson for NHPS), Edith Tucker (Reporter for the Coos County Democrat), Annemarie Timmons (Reporter for the Concord Monitor) and Jack Savage from the Forest Society. Go to and watch “Martin Muddy and Laura Annoy” in dialogue. It’s called “Exposing Corporate Corruption.”

After listening to the program we did wonder a bit when Mr. Murray said that if landowners granted more land for a wider right of way then the towers wouldn’t have to be so high (as they would if they didn’t). If someone told you that, wouldn’t you feel a tad bit intimidated?

Annemarie Timmons stated that most of the opposition was in the north until a call came in and pointed out that it was alive, well and active throughout the state.

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