Latest News From Franklin

23 Oct

Here’s the latest from PSNH: it would like to site its new converter station in a conservation district near the historic Daniel Webster farm. Franklin zoning allows such in its conservation areas although one must wonder how an optional, elective, unneeded project like the NPT qualifies as an “essential system,” but we’ll have to leave that question up to the voters of Franklin. Nevertheless, the state historic preservation agency would have to have a look at the siting plan as well.

The rumor of the sale of Thousand Acres Campground to PSNH has been around for several months.

The real news will be why the converter station plans and siting have been changed to this position at the former Thousand Acres Campground. We look forward to hearing more about that.

See you soon in Franklin. SPNHF meeting details are at the end of this email.

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