Northern Pass Ads Saturate Massachusetts

10 Oct

We have heard from several sources that Northern Pass is saturating Massachusetts towns with their ads! If you live in Massachusetts or know of anyone (friend, relative etc.) who lives there please contact them and ask if they will be willing to call their local public access station to get the Margaret Jones Land Grab videos aired. We don’t know why Northern Pass is spreading their wings south except that they have a cash chest and need to spend it to justify themselves with their sponsors, North East Utilities and NStar. Please have your contacts look up the telephone numbers which will be either in the telephone book or online. If you have any questions contact

Margaret has sent us the following message:

“My office is on Boston’s south shore where NECN is playing both Northern Pass and PSNH ads. YUCK! Please have people who either live in or have friends/relatives living in the following MASSACHUSETTS cities/towns e-mail me with a contact phone number. I can fight NP propaganda with help from people in MA willing to make one phone call and one short trip. So, send an e-mail to Include your phone #. I will get right back to you with the action plan for your area. Contact info for local cable access stations also is listed below.”

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