How Much Do We Love the Land? On The One Year Anniversary of Learning about Northern Pass

10 Oct

Wendell Berry, writer, poet and conservationist, stated that each of us in some way is fuller, and brighter, and more alive if we are connected to the land. He went further and stated that if the land is local it is even more important. It’s where we take root, that which nurtures us.

Many of us opposed to Northern Pass because feel that love, that commitment to a way of life and the community that surrounds it. By community we mean both the people and a lifestyle, but we also find that our hearts break open when we see the natural community of flora and fauna, the bees in the fields, the birch and maple along the side of roads, and this time of year the beaver racing around in the water, the deer and bear getting ready for winter.

We love it all. Yes, even the mystery of the mountain lion, the bob cat and the moose.

There are other reasons we are opposed to Northern Pass. We believe in landowner rights, the right to own property without fear of confiscation, and take as gospel our stewardship of that land. We believe in the right of our neighbors to have decent jobs working locally producing energy rather than importing it from a distance. We believe that the beauty of New Hampshire land is what makes this state special and refuse to see that beauty despoiled and the rewards that come for protecting it used to benefit our residents and small business and for tourists to enjoy enough to return for another breath of fresh air and clear vistas.

Not everyone feels that way. Northern Pass LLC, PSNH, NStar, NE Utilities and Hydro Quebec believe, land is to be plowed over, run through, stripped of life, and the blue streams, the green hills, and the sugar bush turned into green dollars and gold bullion.

We don’t know how this saga will end. We have great hope in defeating the money monsters that will strip us of our birthright, but we do know that it’s been a year of struggle, (yes one year) since we heard about this pernicious land grab, and so now all the more, we look out at our fields in appreciation of the wildflowers, the pine, spruce, hemlock, cedar, maple, birch, the birds in the sky, the land animals and insects and know in our hearts that “all is well” ; that our priorities are straight and values right; that we love this land and our way of life.

So mark this anniversary and then get back to work. We’re here for the long haul. We won’t give up. We won’t give in. We love this land.

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