What’s Next?

03 Sep

From our friends at Bury Northern Pass

As seasonal summer ends, foliage season begins and there will be new opportunities for outreach. We have already heard preliminary plans for an event in Sugar Hill in early October, and more are doubtless in the planning stages.

PSNH and NP have been quiet on the surface during the corporate late-August vacation period. But don’t be fooled. They continue to work feverishly on the northern route and to minimize to nothing the difficulties that exist on the lower 140. As PSNH/NP/NU comes back to life and cranks up their press machine, we need to energize again and focus on the lower 140 problems in letters to the editor and to our senators and representatives. The latter need to be educated by those who know the lower 140 ROWs best, us.

We can also expect that HB 648 will roar back onto the scene soon after Labor Day as the Senate gets back into gear. Please be ready to help with the campaign to push 648 through for once and for all starting sometime next week. It is the single most important action you can take to preserve our heritage and to safeguard our future.

Prior to that 648 vote, don’t be surprised if PSNH starts openly bragging about having the entire route all sewn up–the upper 40 and the lower 140–so there’s no need for eminent domain, no need for 648. Don’t believe it, and don’t let it dissipate our energy and focus. It is in the PSNH playbook to create the aura of inevitability — remember the rollout in Franklin last October? Whatever the case with the upper 40 may be, the lower 140 is most definitely not in the PSNH bag. Eminent domain will be necessary to seize it. And 648 will be necessary to protect NH private property rights fully.

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