Nominate the Power Line Education Fund

28 Aug

PSNH is inviting all its customers to join in a birthday celebration raffle to benefit a worthy NH non-profit.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 85th birthday along with our customers, and New Hampshire non-profits than by giving you a chance to be one of 85 lucky civic-minded citizens who will win a $100 donation to the non-profit of your choice!

Enter PSNH’s 85th birthday raffle today!

If your name is selected, PSNH will honor your favorite arts group, community betterment organization, or the teams of volunteers who help provide food, clothing, and shelter for our citizens during difficult times. (Must be a NH-registered 501-c 3 non-profit to qualify.)

One entry per PSNH customer. All 85 winners will be selected at random and announced in September 2011!
Good luck!

There are numerous worthy non-profits in NH, but right now we can’t think of a more appropriate “community betterment organization” to nominate than the Power Line Education Fund, which is a NH-registered 501-c 3 non-profit.

The PLEF has worked tirelessly to provide education and support for the state-wide effort to understand the full implications of Northern Pass for all New Hampshire citizens. If you have seen one of the many 3′ x 10′ “Live Free or Fry” banners, you have witnessed just the tip of the iceberg.

Only PSNH customers in whose name the account is listed can participate — so if that rules you out, sorry, but you can forward this email to anyone you know who does have a PSNH account in their name and ask them to participate.

Here’s the raffle nomination form:—Non-Profit-Nomination.aspx

And here’s the contact info for the nomination: Power Line Education Fund, P.O. Box 441, Colebrook, NH 03576.

85 winners will be selected at random in September 2011. (Only one entry per account holder.)

So HURRY! Don’t miss the September deadline. Only 5 more days until September 1.

Surely PLEF will win at least several of these $100 donations.

And don’t forget: PSNH customers have already paid the $8,500+ for this birthday party in our rates!! Let’s put it to good use.

Oh yes, almost forgot, GOOD LUCK!

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