Some Thoughts on Involving Our Children

27 Aug

We received the following from an Opposition Friend who reflected on the call to involve children in opposing Northern Pass including art projects. We thought it was important to share and that it will inspire some of you to try some ideas.

As a parent and school teacher I am especially happy to see mention of getting children more involved, and have had many ideas to encourage that. My kids made a lovely scale model using a 2 1/2 inch (or so) LEGO person and a 5 foot funky metal tower thing with different tree and tower heights marked on it to represent what it would all look like. It found its way to many opposition meetings, and into some pictures. I talked about NP in my classroom last spring, and one third grader went home and wrote a letter to the concord paper that night.

Kids get it, and I believe have been mostly ignored so far. So why not get opposition presentations at the schools in all of the towns who have already stated their opposition, to inform the whole student/staff body about this. Perhaps to include petitions or letter writing campaigns as well. Let the politicians and newspapers hear from the children of NH! The children at the Profile School should be particularly involved if this is to happen as close to their school as it is. I would think that if the majority of students at that school alone made enough noise or whatever that more people would listen and get what is going on.

I also like the idea of many personal pictures, and the impact that could have. What if everyone had an orange banner with our slogan on it, and a place to write their town name, and everyone sent pictures of the people and places that oppose NP? Or a contest of what NH road or town had the most STOP NP signs? All of this could provide so many lessons to the youth of our state.

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