Members of No Northern Pass Group calls for Presidential Candidates’ Pledges

27 Aug

We received this from Tom Mullen who along with some members of the No Northern Pass Group has proposed a pledge campaign by political candidates running for President of the US. Here’s what we received from Tom and we have attached the form Tom sent to us.

New Hampshire Property Rights Pledge

The No Northern Pass Coalition is pleased to announce its Safeguard Our Property Rights Campaign. There is a sinister (emphasis added) plot underway to undermine the property rights that were so recently guaranteed in 2006 by a statewide referendum to pass a new Article 12-a to the New Hampshire Constitution. More than 85% of the Granite State’s citizens, reacting to the outrageous US Supreme Court decision in Kelo vs.City of New London (Connecticut), which trampled all over individuals’ private property rights, voted to pass this new Article 12-a, which says:

“No part of a person’s property shall be taken by eminent domain and transferred, directly or indirectly, to another person, if the taking is for the purpose of private development or other or other private use of the property” (In the context of a referendum, the phrase “another person” also applies to persons who are members or stockholders of a business entity or the business entity itself).

NH RSA 371.1 is the operative state statute in New Hampshire that governs the use of eminent domain and it sets up the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NH PUC) to oversee the use of eminent domain by public utilities. Legislation, namely House Bill 648, designed to address shortcomings in RSA 371.1 as it relates to electrical transmission lines, was recently passed by a huge plurality, 317 to 51, in the NH House of Representatives. This bill said that privately owned(as in owned by corporations and their stockholders), large scale (meaning very long in terms of miles “participant funded “) electrical transmission lines (designed to yield huge profits for the those companies and their stockholders) would not be eligible, and in fact aren’t even eligible to apply to the NH PUC for the use of eminent domain and more than 86% of the Representatives voting on the bill agreed and said the bill should pass – an overwhelming plurality of the Reps present and voting.

When this same bill reached the NH Senate, into the mix came politics, lobbying and big money, as is big contributions to certain campaigns. The bill became bogged down with miss-statements about red herring, unknown repercussions – untrue suggestions that HB 648, if passed, would sound a death knell for all future power line projects in our state, even lines that might fall into the badly needed category “in order to keep the lights on.” These irresponsible and false allegations led to HB 648 being sent back for further study, a process that is presently underway. As this study process moves forward, one fact is obvious, very powerful special interests are furiously at work in an effort to undermine the intent of both HB 648 as it was passed by the House just this past spring and Article 12-a of our NH Constitution.

We must all work together to make sure HB 648 is passed in a fashion that will deny the use of eminent domain to the Northern Pass, a privately funded, “for profit”, clearly not needed, participant funded, very long distance, economically damaging and unbelievably horrific, 180 mile long project stringing thick HVDC transmission lines on huge, up to 135 foot tall, visually damaging steel lattice work towers down through the heartland of our scenic, treasured and beautiful State of New Hampshire doing untold amounts of damage to our economy, property values, tenuous employment picture and further dampening the prospects of recovering from a devastating recession.

Even more importantly, we must all honor and defend Article 12-a of our New Hampshire Constitution that so many of us and our fellow citizens went to the effort of voting on back in 2006 to make sure that never in the Granite State would a private corporation be able to seize our land for use in a private “for profit” scheme such as the one that was perpetrated in New London, CT against Kelo – a project hatched by the Pfizer Corporation that resulted in the displacement of many families, in the demolition of a large number of homes and the seizure on many acres of land to build a corporate headquarters for Pfizer that ended up never being built and the land remains vacant today.

Now is the time for New Hampshire’s voters, for New Hampshire’s public officials and especially for all candidates seeking the trust of New Hampshire’s voters during this election cycle to demonstrate that they deserve our support by signing onto the New Hampshire Property Rights Pledge. By doing so, candidates will earn the trust of New Hampshire Voters and we will demonstrate our support at the polls.

Presented by Tom Mullen for No Northern Pass Group
PO Box 1732, Campton, NH 03223
E-Mail To:
FAX To: 603-726-4897

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