Letter to the Editor in the Manchester Union Leader

24 Aug

Posted on 9/12/11

To the Editor: We debate daily about the impact of Northern Pass on our historic farms, taxes, energy costs, scenic views, job opportunities and the protection provided by our Constitution against the taking of private property for private purpose.

Perhaps the debaters, media and our federal and New Hampshire politicians and government agencies should devote some resources to examining the impact of Northern Pass on global, national and regional issues by answering questions such as these: Is the impact of our unwillingness to meet our thirst for energy from viable domestic sources comparable to the impact of our appetite for cheap hardwoods on the Amazon forests and our appetite for drugs on the economies and political stability of nations to our south?

Would we allow massive hydro-electric development in the U.S. that has the devastating impact that hydro-electric development in Quebec has on carbon absorbing forests, wildlife habitat and native tribes?

Given the predatory pricing capability of a massive producer of variable cost electricity, how does our increasing reliance on Hydro-Quebec impact our ability to develop viable domestic production of green and renewable energy in the Northeast?

When can we expect meaningful and accurate reporting to address questions such as these?



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