Report from the Field

12 Aug

We received this message from an opposition friend who spent lots of time this past weekend in Franconia and Littleton doing important work. Thanks Pat for sending it to us.

Opposition Friends:

Yesterday at the triathlon was it was really good; David made up 50 light-weight sports t-shirts (mountains and underneath it said” Tri to No Northern Pass”); 48 were handed to athletes who promised to wear them in the run up the Mountain! We also handed out paper wristlets that Kim got saying “No Northern Pass” in orange to wear/also free orange bandanas c/o Karen. It was great! The set up was near the Lafayette School. Then we moved opposite the Dow Strip and had some pretty good interest from people.

We ended selling 11 signs, all 10 magnetic signs, and buttons & put any money we made in a box designated for “donations for helium,” as we need $300 for helium for the balloon which we hope to place in a strategic place, one idea is to fly the balloon where a proposed tower would be but perhaps it needs to be where lots of

people are gathered and will see it. This was done at the Campton exit this past Friday and Saturday/also you can see where the proposed towers would go). We’re open to all ideas for a balloon placement and/or timing it with an event.

BIG THANKS TO BETH & GARY AND BETH AND STEVE for letting us use their property(s) for this event!

It was WONDERFUL to meet so many volunteers for this cause! And future volunteers as well! I worked with Kim, Karen, Elizabeth, David, Margo, Roxanne, Beth and her husband, Karen, Susan, and met Judy and others. If I’ve forgotten anyone, forgive me.

Also it was wonderful was being with Pamela on Friday who gave me her large sign. I also met Pam & Peter who are the arranging the Democracy School Sessions.

Martha came up with Pamela earlier in the week to bring signs to Littleton Motor Sports in Littleton. They along with many others are active in the Plymouth/Campton/Thornton area.

Today Kevin & I put up another Livefreeorfry sign on the lawn of his business. You’ll see it as you go up Cottage Street. Many thanks

To them for offering to have this and for their help. I have another big sign sent to me from Colebrook, and would love to find another business that would put it up. Perhaps Whitefield? (let know if you are interested and we’ll contact Pat.)

Thanks again to Gretchen and Mark of Littleton Motor Sports who have a big sign up, and are selling signs – at least 5 have already sold!

I hope to meet with the Sugar Hill organizers for some pointers, and the next information table that volunteers have thought of organizing are Thursday and Friday, September 1st and 2nd, the days before Labor Day Weekend at the Littleton Food Cooperative. Any input would be great.

This Is going to be a long fight, friends, so delegate and don’t burn out.

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