Eminent Domain and Northern Pass

23 Jul

Eminent Domain and Northern Pass – Land Grab Series, A New Video by Margaret Jones Productions

Margaret Jones Productions has released another video primarily on eminent domain and details from several landowners describing their situation and the realities they are now faced.

With a July 20th visit to Holderness, a face is put to Hydro Quebec’s greedy and destructive scheme to steal 180 miles of homes, farms, businesses, and pristine lands from New Hampshire for the proposed Northern Pass electric project.

Martha, John, Lee, and Omer each speak against the immorality of land condemnation and theft by a private business venture.

Martha feels as if she is living in foreign, less democratic country.

Lee shows us a 1930 Right-Of-Way (ROW) agreement that allows only 100ft for transmission lines. No offer has come from the electric company (PSNH) to buy a wider ROW. Through the media, Lee has been threatened with eminent domain.

John wants Northern Pass to go away, and thinks they are crazy.

Omer wants us to call our senators and state representatives in support of House Bill 648(HB648) which would limit eminent domain takings by electric companies.

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